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Just a few photos

Photography is not a skill of mine, although I think it would be something very cool to learn. There is something supremely touching about a good picture. Even though I came across these photos months ago, I still find myself going back to them from time to time. What do you think?

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Weekend in photos

It actually was kind of fun. It may even have been fun without the $7 nachos.

Only $5 for mac and cheese at Bite Cafe.

Frozen waffles and bacon on Sunday morning.

En route to the Do It Yourself Doggie Wash.

A clean, well-behaved pooch. This was before he tried to steal the bagels from the car.

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Looking back

Almost a year ago, Josh and I were scheming and planning some kind of travel adventure. What started out as a month-long journey in our heads soon turned into a much more affordable week long excursion, but it was certainly well worth it. Exploring Rome and Florence made us want to travel again and again (while also being grateful for the U.S.), so when I came across photos of this hotel in Tuscany (which is kind of more like a monastery), I truly gushed. What do you think?

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Here and now

I actually was able to help walk this gentle giant. How great is she? See more about Missy here.

Tonight I attended the orientation and first round of training to become a PAWS Chicago volunteer. I volunteered at several other humane societies throughout high school and college, but it’s been almost a year now since I’ve done it. It was exciting to learn about the history of PAWS, their goal to make Chicago a no-kill city by 2015, and to take a tour of their awesome facility. It also reaffirmed my belief that a dog is needed in our apartment, STAT. A friend for when Frasier comes for sleepovers? Most definitely.

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Sesame beef stir-fry

The last time we attempted to cook something for dinner, it took several hours and we didn’t have all the right tools. Although it came out quite tasty, I was on the look out for something just a little easier. And so I came across this sesame beef stir-fry recipe from Cooking Light. It took no more than a half an hour and was just the change we needed.


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