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Chick’s new obsession


^^A little papoose.

One of the new items my mom was kind enough to buy for me during the great move was a brand new electric blanket. I found it on sale and while I have come to love snuggling up on the couch with it, someone else has developed an obsession with it. Throughout the few heatless days we spent in the new apartment unpacking, little Chick was hating every minute of it, shivering to no end. Once we brought the blanket in and wrapped her up, she was a new dog. And now she can’t get enough of it. Even when she gets too warm and moves to the wood floor to cool off, she’s back up in it 10 minutes later. We’re careful to make sure it never gets too hot, but I can’t help but wonder if there are Chick sized electric blankets out there, or maybe some heated dog beds?


^^The first experience


^^Can’t wait for that heat to come back on



^^I still see you


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Around here

A little vignette to look at while working.

A new Snoopy trinket to carry into the new place.

Chick being Chick.

Friday is moving day! So this week has been busy. I’ve been collecting boxes, but as of yet have done no packing. BUT. Chick did get a bath and her bed has been washed so that should count for something. I’m also excited to announce our turn has finally come to join Chicago SociaBulls, a local dog walking group. Originally started to help bring positive awareness to pitbulls, the group is open to any type of dog. There is a mile long wait list to be admitted so this Sunday Josh and I will go dogless to learn what it’s all about and after that Chick will be allowed to tag along. Can’t wait.


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