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One year later


One year ago today, someone surrendered sweet Chick to Chicago Animal Control where she would spend the next 11 days until Anna Friedman would pick her out from hundreds of other dogs and One Tail at a Time would come to the rescue.

From there she would spend over a month with Kelly Jo until Josh Hilgendorf and I saw her photo and became instantly hooked.

In that one year she has been featured in the Chicago Tribune on Take your Pet to Work Day, joined Chicago SociaBulls to hang with the big guys (sweet pits can love a feisty chi), been enrolled in a Canine Good Citizen Class, had her picture taken by a professional photographer (cc: Kelly Johnson Photography) and plastered onto an Xmas card.

She has made numerous visits to the nursing home where my grandma who has always been terrified of dogs decided suddenly she would love Chick, met the very special dogs I grew up with who I wish I still lived with, attended Christmas dinner with a crazy sweet bulldog pup and survived, and now sleeps above my head every night. What a year, Chick. Love you sweet pup!!

(Photo via Kelly Johnson Photography)


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A few very special photos

Chicklet’s sweet foster mom is a professional photographer and was kind enough to take a few (read: over 25) photos of the three of us not to long ago in Humboldt Park. We just got the photos back yesterday and they turned out wonderfully. We can’t thank Kelly enough and if you are in the Chicagoland area in need of some sweet photos, she is your person. Thank you Kelly!

Here are a few kind words from her:
Chicklet the Chihuahua was our first foster dog. The wonderful dog rescue, One Tail at a Time, saved 7-year old Chicklet from the Chicago city shelter and brought her to us to foster. She stayed with us for about a month while we waited for someone to adopt her and be her forever home. In the month she was with us, we totally fell in love with Chicklet and the little nugget became part of our family :)

Anyone who has fostered a dog before knows how hard it can be to let them go – especially your first foster dog. The day Chicklet got adopted there was a mixture of emotions – extreme happiness that she was getting a forever home with a very nice couple, but sadness because I thought I would never see her cute little face again. I’m not gonna lie – I cried!

I am so lucky that Chicklet’s family has kept in touch with me so I can see how happy they all are together! And if that wasn’t cool enough, they hired me to take their family photos and I got to have a reunion.
Chicklet really hit the jackpot with her new mom & dad – her mom even has a blog called The Girl and Her Dog And if you’re looking to adopt a dog or become a foster home to a dog in need, One Tail at a Time is an awesome rescue to work with.

(All photos c/o Kelly Johnson Photography)


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Best friends

The cool weather this morning felt so refreshing, it almost made me excited for fall. And cute little sweaters and jackets for Chick. Read more


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Last week I wrote about how my phone was stolen while out walking Chick, and how grateful I was that it was just a phone that was taken and not Chick herself. And then today I read about how pet theft is on the rise, and I felt even more grateful. How someone could steal someone else’s pet is beyond me, but according to the ASPCA, it happens all the time. Read more


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New look

I hope you all like the new look of this site! For anyone who follows regularly, I most often write about the pups in my life and I wanted the title and look of this space to reflect that. So cheers to A Girl and Her Dog, one of the loveliest parts of life.

Thank you to the lovely Victoria from vmac & cheese for her wonderful design and expertise.

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