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Fostering a pup

Up until a few weeks ago, Josh and I had seriously considered fostering a dog from PAWS Chicago. The program works like this: As dogs come in who need time outside the shelter environment or who are recovering from colds or injuries, staff will reach out to volunteers who have shown interest in temporarily fostering a pooch. Generally the foster term lasts from about two to four weeks. You provide the pup with water, food, a nice home and lots of love! If there is one who is a good match for your home and lifestyle, you’re pretty much set.

Here are a few pups who are currently in need of a foster home :)



Mr. Bentley



I originally thought this was the ideal solution for getting acclimated to living with a dog in an apartment while still helping out. But it quickly became clear that since we’re both gone for a better part of the day, we’d likely have to turn to a dog walker, especially since PAWS staff recommends crating the dog while you are away. Unfortunately, a dog walker just wasn’t in our budget.

So it looks like my dream of getting a friend for Frasier and having a dog around full time are once again put on hold. For those who do foster pups, though, it seems like such a great experience! What do you think?

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Here and now

I actually was able to help walk this gentle giant. How great is she? See more about Missy here.

Tonight I attended the orientation and first round of training to become a PAWS Chicago volunteer. I volunteered at several other humane societies throughout high school and college, but it’s been almost a year now since I’ve done it. It was exciting to learn about the history of PAWS, their goal to make Chicago a no-kill city by 2015, and to take a tour of their awesome facility. It also reaffirmed my belief that a dog is needed in our apartment, STAT. A friend for when Frasier comes for sleepovers? Most definitely.

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