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A tiny houseguest

A few days ago Josh, Chick and I welcomed a tiny houseguest into our apartment. Her name is Millie and she is a sweet rescue pup from the city shelter. She is an OTAT pup (of course) that we are fostering and so far she and Chick are getting quite good at tolerating one another:)


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A tiny Marathon Mutt

Marathon Mutt
Don’t you want to be a part of Marathon Mutts? Marathon Mutts pledge to train and participate in their choice of race, run, walk, swim or ride and all proceeds go back to One Tail at a Time … pretty neat right? Our awesome board member, Kelly, manages this program and a few weeks ago she gifted me with this awesome doggy tee for Chick (namely because it was a bit tight on her own dog:). Chick was not a huge fan of it (as is the case with most clothes), but she sure gave us a laugh. I don’t think she’ll be running marathons any time soon though:)

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