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Quest for a perfect taco

Aside from sandwiches and bagels, tacos are by far one of my most favorite foods. While I am (surprisingly) of Hispanic heritage, I think it was my early childhood devotion to Taco Bell that cemented my love. Thankfully since then my taco taste palette has matured and I’ve grown accustomed to a more authentic variety of tacos.

Recently, however, I’ve been on the search for the next best taco. Working in the West Lawn community presents itself with many opportunities, but it can be difficult to know which taqueria to try first.

My first stop was at Indio, a local restaurant along 63rd and Pulaski, that always seems to be packed. While they were definitely yummy,they didn’t quite have the wow factor I was looking for.

Next on my list: Tacos Villa, based on a recommendation from someone who knows the area well, and Zacatacos, which is supposed to have delicious char-grilled fillings.

Where do you go in Chicago when you want tacos?

I died when I saw this.

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An awkward phase

Since I’m only two months into a new job, I am most definitely still in what I like to refer to as the “learning phase.” This means that I ask a lot of questions, a lot of the time.

Still, I can honestly say that I’m only two months in and I have already been given a lot of responsibility. One of those responsibilities: managing a 16-year-old summer intern. I certainly do not feel qualified to manage anyone, let alone someone who is still in high school and is only a few years shy of being the same age as me.

After two days of working with the intern, however–a young girl who lives in the West Lawn community and attends a prestigious Chicago public school–I’ve learned two things: I can be more awkward than a 16-year-old girl.

When I’m not fumbling over my words about what I do on a daily basis, or poorly explaining how to operate the copy machine, I’m constantly asking her if she feels overwhelmed and needs to take a break or verifying for the first, second and third time that she has a ride home. Ack. I wonder how long it takes before you’re not awkward anymore. Never?

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Bringing the bike back in my life

Before this past Saturday I hadn’t ridden my bike in years. I had gone a brief ride around Lake Mills, Wis. a few weeks back but I borrowed a bike that wasn’t my own. So when I found out that my company was one of the sponsors in the third annual 15th Ward Bike Ride through Chicago Lawn, I knew I wanted to participate.

I found my old bike that my mom hadn’t been using, including a fab purple helmet, and discovered a new fun-filled activity. I took it to a new level today after work when I somehow convinced my pooch to jog alongside me while I rode. We made it around the block before he had to quit. I guess you really don’t ever forget how to ride a bike.

Yep, this is pretty much what we looked like.

[image courtesy of getty images]


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A league of their own

Usually when my mom and I visit my gram, we have to suffer through some really bad TV. My grandma is obsessed with Iron Chef and as much as I love the Food Network, I just can’t get behind this show. So after suffering through one too many food challenges, finally two good movies came on today that my grandma was satisfied with.

I walked in to see the final few scenes of Patch Adams and then stayed long enough to watch A League of Their Own, a complete classic that you just can’t go wrong with. I may be one of the most anti-sports girls around, but this movie is just too good.

I made sure my mom and I stayed long enough to hear the infamous Tom Hanks line, “THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL,” but we left shortly after that.


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A pup-tastic photo shoot

Sometimes your pooch really is your BFF.

When you’re best friends with your pooch, you want others to be best friends with him too.

And sometimes, even when they hate you, your pooch is still your BFF.

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