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A little vignette to look at while working.

A new Snoopy trinket to carry into the new place.

Chick being Chick.

Friday is moving day! So this week has been busy. I’ve been collecting boxes, but as of yet have done no packing. BUT. Chick did get a bath and her bed has been washed so that should count for something. I’m also excited to announce our turn has finally come to join Chicago SociaBulls, a local dog walking group. Originally started to help bring positive awareness to pitbulls, the group is open to any type of dog. There is a mile long wait list to be admitted so this Sunday Josh and I will go dogless to learn what it’s all about and after that Chick will be allowed to tag along. Can’t wait.


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Past is past

In just over a week, we’ll be packing our bags and moving. Up one floor. It’s a long story, but this past fall we found out that an investment company had bought our unit and we needed to find a new place to live. Or buy the unit. Since buying wasn’t an option, we hit the pavement and began our search. Read more


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A savored day

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working from home, which meant I was able to indulge a bit while I did my work. So while the weather was the coldest it’s been in two years and little Chick could barely stand a walk around the block, I took a drive over to Star Lounge Coffee Bar.

This place crossed my path because I had read that dogs were welcome (pups in a coffee house? yes please!), but alas, it’s only in the summertime and out back on the patio. It was no Dunkin and they asked her to leave nicely when a fellow patron who also thought dogs were welcome brought her black lab along. Dog friendly coffee shops, anyone?

(Image from Eating forever)

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In honor of today


Some lovely words to think about.

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Around here


Chowder Vargas




In between traversing the city finding the spot where L. Frank Baum wrote The Wizard of Oz (just mere blocks from the apartment) and the house where Walt Disney grew up (now a not so great house), we also came across two loose pups. One we couldn’t get near, but the other (named Chowder Vargas!), we successfully reunited with his owner. And let me tell you, Chick was not happy to have me holding that little guy. We also pet taxied little Emory around, who was just adopted yesterday through One Tail at a Time. The rest of the weekend was spent feeling grateful for a sweet and silly Chick, safely inside.


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