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Checking in

Millie and Chick (image) millie-and-chick-two

A month may have gone by, but … I’m still here. My lack of posting has a good excuse though: we adopted this tiny houseguest(!). Meet Millie. And then we moved. Yet again to a different unit in our current building. Our previous landlord was ready to sell his condo and we, as it turns out, were not ready to buy it.

So here we are. It seemed to take longer than normal to get settled in this time around, but we’re finally there. The move seemed to be especially tough on those sweet pups as they adjusted to new territory. It’s hard when you don’t know what’s going on! Now that it’s just about the official start of summer, I’m looking forward to lots of park visits with these two.


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Hello again


^^Tiny Chick in an empty apartment.

It’s been quite a while since I posted around here, but there’s been a good reason. We moved! And let me tell you, it was one rough move. Basically, out of all the moves I’ve done in the last six years (a lot because apparently in college you move every year), this has been by far the worst. And to think we thought it would be easy breezy because we only moved one floor up.

Well, this led to me thinking not much packing had to be done because we could just carry things up the stairs. This made the move feel like 10 moves instead of just one. The worst part, though, was the fact that the gas had been shut off and we wouldn’t be able to get it turned on until four days after we moved in. Let this be a lesson when you go to put the utilities in your name the day before you are scheduled to move. You never know what will happen. And for the record we were at least able to sleep and shower in our old apartment thanks in part to the generous new owner of the unit who let us turn in the keys a few days late (not without charging us extra first, though).


^^Trying to stay warm in a cold, cold apartment.


^^Chick had to come with me to work one day because it was too cold to leave her in the apartment without heat.

Actually, I lied. The very worst part was seeing how traumatic all of the changes were for little Chick. She, as with most dogs, loves her routine and for quite a few days her daily activities were a big jumbled mess. We did our best to keep things running smoothly, but it just wasn’t in the cards for us. Chick responded with lots of following us around, little whimpers and [gasp!] having a few accidents in the house. I felt awfully guilty, but now that things are settled in, Chick is back to her normal self. Phew.


^^Happy that life is back to normal.


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Around here

A little vignette to look at while working.

A new Snoopy trinket to carry into the new place.

Chick being Chick.

Friday is moving day! So this week has been busy. I’ve been collecting boxes, but as of yet have done no packing. BUT. Chick did get a bath and her bed has been washed so that should count for something. I’m also excited to announce our turn has finally come to join Chicago SociaBulls, a local dog walking group. Originally started to help bring positive awareness to pitbulls, the group is open to any type of dog. There is a mile long wait list to be admitted so this Sunday Josh and I will go dogless to learn what it’s all about and after that Chick will be allowed to tag along. Can’t wait.


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New places

Since moving into a new apartment, I’ve slowly begun to explore my surroundings. It isn’t easy, between working, attempting to cook dinner, exercising and still finding time to endlessly watch old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on my Kindle. But this past Saturday we took a walk through nearby Humboldt Park and in the light of day, it looks awfully pretty. I can’t wait to see it during the summer months.


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