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Warmer days ahead

Sunset (image)
This past Sunday it was cold. So cold for March that it made me wonder if warmer days really were on the horizon. But when it was 7pm and the sun still hadn’t gone down all the way, it gave me hope. Summer (okay, spring) is coming. We hope. And pray. And if it doesn’t, someone will pay:)


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Lately the weeks have felt long, and the weekends not long enough. A few days ago I slipped going down the stairs and on the sidewalk outside the building due to the crazy rain that decided to hit the area and then freeze overnight. Chick was in my arms both times, but luckily we came out unscathed. We’re still hoping no one saw us while we were outside. This winter can’t come to an end soon enough, but just in case we get hit with the Polar Vortex Round 3, I ordered a heating pad just for pups. My guess is Chick will like it.


(I ordered the heating pad from doggyloot. Have you heard of it?)

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Around here.


The past few days I’ve navigated the snow too many times. I mean, it is March after all, and while I know Chicago winters can be nothing short of unpredictable, I think it’s safe to say I’m ready for warmer months. Yesterday I spent a few hours at Chicago Animal Control hanging out with the court case pups, and watching Josh perfect our Badger gallery wall.







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