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I was one of them

Yes, I woke up at 5am this morning solely for the purpose of watching the Royal Wedding. And I have to say, I am so glad that I did because it was beautiful.

I woke just in time to see Kate (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge now) walking down the aisle. I was slightly bummed that I missed her getting out of the car, but I still tuned in early enough to see her walk the full length of the aisle with her sister and dad, watch her and William exchange vows, ride off to Buckingham Palace in their carriage, and most importantly of all … I saw the kiss on the balcony!!

I know the media has provided an insane amount of coverage leading up to this morning’s big event, but I’ve loved every minute of it. As Matt Lauer said this morning, many Americans seem to be so caught up in the Royal Wedding because there really isn’t anything that we can compare it to here in the U.S. The concept of a monarchy and all the pageantry that goes with it is something completely foreign to us.

Regardless, the Royal Wedding this morning was a moment that for better or worse, will become a part of history, and I’m happy to say I got to watch it all happen.

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Celebrity status. Sort of.

When I wrote city news for the Daily Cardinal, I instantly became hooked on all of the drama that seemed to incessantly follow the members of the Madison Common Council, including the former [:(] Mayor Dave. Being involved in city government is no easy feat. Despite the long hours and late nights that are a staple in city news, I always felt a little rush of adrenaline when writing about an issue that the whole city would be talking about the next day.

Fast forward to today. Mayor Daley–mayor of Chicago for the past 22 years–is about to step down and hand over his power to Rahm. While you could endlessly debate about whether or not Daley did more good or bad for the city of Chicago, there is no argument that the guy has got some serious street cred.

This morning I unexpectedly had the opportunity to attend an event that the mayor was speaking at. So as soon as the speakers had finished, I pushed my way through the crowds, handed my phone over to the lady standing next to me, and got a photo with one of the most well-known men in the city of Chicago.

Rahm, you're next.

Of all the days to choose to wear my glasses and to not blow dry my hair. Bad life decision.

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Late night craving

It’s almost 11pm on a week night so I should be preparing for bed; those 6am wake up calls do not come easy, especially when you have a whining/barking dog who starts begging to go for a walk as soon as the alarm goes off.

*Love you anyways pooch*

However, this evening while I feel myself getting more and more tired every passing second, I’ve got the biggest craving for a late night snack. I guess that’s what happens when you eat dinner at 5pm. The problem is that the craving I’m dying to satisfy is for a sub sandwich from the best sandwich shop ever. And that shop is now closed.

Yellow Submarine has been closed for several years now, but anytime I’m anywhere remotely near the old location on Archer Avenue, I can’t help but wish it was still in business. My cousin and I used to be obsessed with this place and even though it was a tiny hole in the wall the service was outstanding and the food even better.

I guess Subway and Jimmy John’s will have to do for now. Do you have any favorite restaurants that are now closed?

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A standing tradition

For the past few years every time I came home from school (well not every time, but often enough), my friends and I would come together on a Saturday morning for brunch. Even though getting up early on the weekends is often something I’m sure we all avoid, there’s something about a yummy breakfast and old high school gossip that is so appealing.

This past Saturday we went to Egg Harbor Cafe at Yorktown Mall. Despite our waitress who rushed us through our meal, the gossip (and the french toast) was delish.

What are some of your favorite traditions?

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Homemade vs. store-bought

I’m sure most people would say homemade is better than store-bought when it comes to just about anything, and for the most part I wholeheartedly agree.

Case in point: this past weekend I picked up some refrigerated cookie dough to make my own Easter treats. I settled on Pillsbury peanut butter cookies and some Nestle Toll House mini brownie bites. While they definitely tasted good and satisfied my desire to bake a little something sweet, I was much more satisfied with the homemade banana cream pie/pudding treat my mom made.

Minus the cool whip on top.

Besides homemade food, I also came across a few homemade items from my childhood, all made by my grandma. She was insanely good at sewing, and in addition to clothes and little children’s books she sewed together out of cloth, she also made me dolls. As a devoted and adoring fan of all things American Girl, these two little dolls just tug at my heart. Homemade wins every time.


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