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A weekend walk

Amid a myriad of errands and work yesterday, I managed to sneak in a walk to Wicker Park with Chick. The weather was finally warm enough to not require a heavy jacket, the sun was shining and I could tell Chick was happy to get outside of her usual one block radius. She even managed to sneak a rogue Cheetoh or two (after trying to steal my donut, of course). Always a scavenger, that one:) If yesterday’s weather was a sign of warmer days ahead, I’m ready.


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Little ham

Little Chick has been quite the ham lately. Here are a few photos of her from over the weekend, if you’d like to see. Read more


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The pups do TV

Last month Frasier and Chicklet took a tour of the Little Italy neighborhood as part of One Tail at a Time’s Happy Trails outings. A few weeks ago I mentioned that the pups may be on 190 North and sure enough the segment just aired this past Sunday on ABC 7. I squealed in delight when I saw the two on TV. It was pretty neat. And Frasier got a shout-out when they interviewed my dad. The pups are stars :). See the full video here!

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Weekend in photos

[Gorgeous water that’s awfully clean compared to Lake Michigan.]

Friday after work we trekked up to Lake Mills, Wis., about 40 minutes west of Milwaukee. Chick came along for the weekend, which was spent swimming in the lake, basking in the sun and taking Chick along for moped rides.

[I barely jumped, let alone dove.]

[Despite what this picture shows, the water was quite warm.]

[I was obsessed with this house. It was gorgeous and literally right on the water. With its own private pier.]

[Chick loved the sun, but the dried grass was too prickly so she spent the afternoon on the warm stone.]

[I was against this idea at first, but Chick was so content she was practically snoozing.]

[A friendly pup, that was about 10x bigger than Chick.]


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Restoring the faith

These 21 photos that will restore your faith in humanity have been circulating the web for the past few days, but I only just got around to looking at them yesterday. I was especially touched by the photos of a woman whose dog was swept into the bay in Australia. A complete stranger who saw the scene unfold jumped right in to save the pup. What a moment.

[photos via. you can see the rest of the photos here]


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