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It’s kind of hard to believe that I turn 25 today. It sort of feels like I’m perpetually 18. But I’ve officially entered my mid-twenties. Whoa. I realize this is young, but for all of you out there older than me, I know you felt this way too and thought it was ancient. I plan on having a low-key night and I’m excited to have tomorrow off from work, which means I get to sleep in. And that’s really all you can ask for.

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No tree here

The first thing one tends to think of when it comes to Christmas decorations is a Christmas tree. While Josh and I agreed last year that we would get a tree this year (after I convinced him that a fake tree was the way to go–real trees can be harmful to dogs, right?). But then we took a trip to the store and realized how expensive fake trees are (yes, we are that cheap)! So we decided to forego one for now. I can’t decide if this was a good decision yet or not.

Do you decorate with a tree, or no?

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Around here

Chick enjoying the sunshine on a cold morning.

A visit to Gram’s on Thanksgiving morning.


Throwback photo I found while doing some organizing the other day.

Teeny tiny dinosaur?

It’s chilly out now and she loves to snuggle up with the rest of ’em.

Chick’s new stocking!

With Thanksgiving now over, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. It’s hard to believe that 2012 is almost ready to come to a close. It feels like the year just began. Chick has been quite the little goof lately, striking funny poses and hogging the bed, which reminds me an awful lot of Frasier* and they haven’t even seen each other in months. I must be a magnet for strange pups.

*Frasier lives with my dad and I don’t get to see him nearly as often as I would like. I miss him dearly.


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..for all the pups in my life, both old and new. The joy a dog brings to your life is indescribable.

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Weekend in photos

We headed up to Madison for the weekend for the last Badger home game of the season and while I remembered why I don’t generally like football (especially when I buck tradition and get peanuts instead of nachos), it was still a good time. I did some successful people watching, hated on the annoying girl standing behind me and took a walk along State Street. Chick enjoyed the fresh air and having some time to explore new sights and smells. I think she was confused when we left :)

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