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Chowder Vargas




In between traversing the city finding the spot where L. Frank Baum wrote The Wizard of Oz (just mere blocks from the apartment) and the house where Walt Disney grew up (now a not so great house), we also came across two loose pups. One we couldn’t get near, but the other (named Chowder Vargas!), we successfully reunited with his owner. And let me tell you, Chick was not happy to have me holding that little guy. We also pet taxied little Emory around, who was just adopted yesterday through One Tail at a Time. The rest of the weekend was spent feeling grateful for a sweet and silly Chick, safely inside.


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A spoiled pooch

I’ve been taking care of Ginger for a few days now while my mom is out of town and it’s been quite the job. After just one night, she decided she wasn’t happy staying in an apartment. So on Monday morning I packed her up and headed back into suburbia so she would be more comfortable. And I’m glad I did. I don’t think the neighbors would have appreciated her incessant yapping. Plus I know she’s not happy without her routine evening walk to the park. There’s nothing worse than an unhappy pup:)


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