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Come to brunch

Sometimes brunch seems like it’s the most snobbiest meal. It’s not necessary, unlike breakfast, it’s not as exciting as a dinner out on the town and it’s not as humble as my favorite: the afternoon snack. In fact, Josh and I often joke about how we hate the term, “let’s do brunch,” but my friend Seebs swears by it, and she knows her stuff.

I’ve mentioned the court case dogs from Safe Humane Chicago before, and this time there’s brunch involved. One Tail at a Time, in conjunction with SHC and Taverna 750, is hosting a brunch and wine tasting to benefit these pups. Over the years, SHC has saved many, many pups from an otherwise cruel fate, and OTAT has taken in close to 20 of these dogs, all whom have since been adopted into loving homes. So if you’re in the Chicago area, come sip mimosas with us and nibble on tasty vegan treats. You can buy tickets right here.


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Last Thursday my friend Beth and I left the pups at home and ventured out into the cold on February 13 (AKA Galentine’s Day) and headed to Progress Bar to attend MODA presents Urban Chic, a fashion show for the urban man. Beth was invited by an old friend and we had no idea what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised, and while I never, ever go out on a Thursday night I’m glad that I did. The venue was welcoming, the people were friendly and the show was so much fun. I think it’s safe to say all the men there were much more well dressed than us. C’est la vie.

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A first pup

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this old photo of a pooch named Buffy. My parents adopted her from the Hinsdale Humane Society before I even existed. I still tell my parents that she hated me, and I think she probably was a little jealous when I came around. But she sure was cute. Happy Monday :)

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Five years, three weeks ago

Three weeks ago today Josh and I celebrated five years since the day we met. It still blows my mind to think we’ve known each other that long, but here we are. Five of the best years.


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Lately the weeks have felt long, and the weekends not long enough. A few days ago I slipped going down the stairs and on the sidewalk outside the building due to the crazy rain that decided to hit the area and then freeze overnight. Chick was in my arms both times, but luckily we came out unscathed. We’re still hoping no one saw us while we were outside. This winter can’t come to an end soon enough, but just in case we get hit with the Polar Vortex Round 3, I ordered a heating pad just for pups. My guess is Chick will like it.


(I ordered the heating pad from doggyloot. Have you heard of it?)

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