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Summertime golf

While I’ve never actually golfed (and have no desire to do so), mini golf is the perfect summertime activity. Josh got it in his head that he had to try Par-King in Lincolnshire this past Monday, and while it was no where near as good as Lost Mountain on 75th Street in Woodridge, it was still fun. We even joked that the small pink castle below was perfect for Chicklet:)

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A long weekend

Over the long weekend, Chicklet came along with us to Wisconsin, where she thoroughly enjoyed hanging out and exploring new ground. She sure is cute. I am dying for her to meet Frasier. We also enjoyed scenic views of Rock Lake and the famous Legion burgers.


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So sweet

He always gets it.

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When in Chicago

I came across this seriously funny blog the other day about all things Chicago. It kind of made my day and I definitely laughed out loud more than a few times. You can see it here, if you like.


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Bedhogging pooch

For as long as I can remember (excluding the college years), there has been a pooch hogging the bed with me at night. Even when I take care of Ginger now, she won’t go to bed until I’m ready and she’s resting next to me. And Frasier, in all of his moose-like qualities, hogs the bed regardless of how much room you have, until he’s good and comfy. And now, Chicklet, all seven pounds of her, follows me into the bedroom, waits to be put on the bed and then climbs onto the pillow until she’s snuggled in for the night. No matter how much room they take up, it doesn’t bother me one bit. Do others sleep with their pups at night? I’d love to know.

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