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Be not.

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A nice reminder for when the stress gets the best of you. That and this sweet face.

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Healing powers


Sunday my gram turned 84. While she isn’t quite sure who she is anymore, she still knows how to enjoy a good cupcake. And as it’s happened before, Chick sure knows how to liven up a nursing home, so she tagged along for a birthday visit too. Everyone can never get enough of sweet Chick when she arrives and all of the residents clamor for some love. It’s crazy, or maybe not so crazy, how pups can suddenly make a person happy. My own gram wasn’t too interested in Chick this time around, but we still managed to celebrate right.



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Chick’s first Sociabull walk


On Saturday, we all ventured out into the cold and Chick experienced her very first Sociabulls walk. It was pretty dang cold that morning so Chick bundled up and while the location was only five minutes from the apartment, we still just barely made it (isn’t that how it always goes — the ones closest are always the last to arrive?).



Chick was definitely not overexcited about all of the other (much larger) pups, but she did struggle to keep up with the pace of everyone else walking. Not only were her little legs much shorter and she had to work harder to keep up, but she’s also used to taking meandering strolls so keeping her on task and not stopping to sniff every tree was also more difficult than we had anticipated. Next time we’ll keep treats on hand and we also learned that if I walk farther ahead and she can see me, she’s more likely to keep up the pace. Everyone was wonderfully nice and I think as the weather warms up this could be come a fun routine :)


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Sociabull Chick


^^It was COLD.

Two weeks ago Chick’s name finally came up on the Chicago Sociabulls wait list and we were admitted to attend our first dogless walk to learn more about the acclaimed dog walking club. On the Sunday after we moved we headed to the south side to walk through the neighborhood surrounding the Museum of Science and Industry sans Chick. It was snowy and cold, but we trudged through and were able to meet quite a few friendly pups and their owners. It was definitely a learning experience and I’m happy to report that we’ll be attending with Chick this weekend at a location more near the apartment. The biggest concern I have: will Chick be able to walk for that long? Stay tuned!



^^Can you tell where we are?


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My funny valentines

Today is the day to smooch your pooch.


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