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Weekend notes

Fortunately, this weekend was fairly relaxing. Friday night was supposed to be a night of pizza and a Godfather marathon (did you know some people have never seen this classic?!), but I somehow got roped into watching the NBA all evening. Saturday saw a lot of errands (the Jeep is CLEAN!) and I was finally able to see Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with my mom, which was so good. Sunday Frasier tried to accompany my dad and I to the Flying Saucer in Humboldt Park, but thanks to a 30 minute wait, Dunkin Donuts–an old stand-by–won out.

Happy end of Monday!

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A pooch visit

I’m excited that Frasier may come to visit this Friday, and in addition to taking long walks to tire him out before bed and possibly an early morning ride to Dunkin Donuts so he doesn’t feel too out of sorts, I’ll be lusting after some quality pet gear.

How great is this dual dog water bottle and bowl?

And if I wanted to be obnoxious, this awesome plaid jacket. Hey, pups get cold too.

See more great gear here.


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