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The pups do TV

Last month Frasier and Chicklet took a tour of the Little Italy neighborhood as part of One Tail at a Time’s Happy Trails outings. A few weeks ago I mentioned that the pups may be on 190 North and sure enough the segment just aired this past Sunday on ABC 7. I squealed in delight when I saw the two on TV. It was pretty neat. And Frasier got a shout-out when they interviewed my dad. The pups are stars :). See the full video here!

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When in Chicago

I came across this seriously funny blog the other day about all things Chicago. It kind of made my day and I definitely laughed out loud more than a few times. You can see it here, if you like.


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Ever since I received my Amazon Kindle for Christmas, I’ve been addicted to watching TV shows on it. I very quickly–almost embarrassing how quickly–sped through the entire Greys Anatomy series and loved every minute of it. I took a small break to obsess over The Hunger Games, but then realized I was craving a new TV show. So I went back to the 90s to obsess over a new show: Felicity. It was kind of crazy to realize the show was on TV almost 15 year ago, but it was the perfect way to enjoy my favorite decade and relax after work; and during lunch.

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Rahm, where were you hiding?

On Saturday night, we attended a concert by Good Old War at Lincoln Hall in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. I was hesitant at first since I had never heard their music before (and who am I kidding, I’m kind of a terrible concert-goer), but the ticket was only $10 and the venue was classy and welcoming. I ended up being pleasantly surprised and loved their sound; I think they may be a new favorite. This song–Loud Love–was by far my favorite. The worst part, though? Finding out on Sunday that Rahm Emanuel was sitting in the VIP section the entire night and I missed him! I was probably mere feet away from him and I never even knew it. For shame.

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