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Getting better

Resting, just like this pup.
I’m supposed to be leaving for Phoenix tomorrow evening for a marketing conference specifically for nonprofits. I’m excited to attend, which is why I’m hoping against hope my sore throat goes away. And stays away! Go away, sore throat! Just go away.

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Weekend in photos

This past weekend I took another stab at volunteering with PAWS. The last time I volunteered I decided to really branch out and work with the pups who were just coming out of surgery; and it was intense. This time I simply did some walking and socialization, and it was much more my pace. And fun! Now someone go out and adopt these pups!




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60 years.

Sixty years ago today, my gram and gramps were married. 60 years! That’s so insane I can hardly believe it. Sixty years ago, they were only 23 and 22. Three years younger than I am now. Unbelievable. I can’t even imagine being with someone that long, it blows my mind. Even though my gram didn’t believe us when we told her it was her in the photo, I know she enjoyed the celebratory treat and all of the attention.

Enjoying her cupcake and scowling at the world.

The ring. Fits me perfectly.



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And because I can’t resist

I want to meet Brian Basset. There is a reason some folks are dog people and others are cat people.


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A short trip

A week from today I should be on my way to (hopefully) sunny Phoenix for a work training. I’ve never flown anywhere alone where there wasn’t someone waiting for me upon my arrival, so this should be interesting. I’ll have to make my way from the airport to the hotel and to the conference center the next morning, all on my own. Yeesh. Fortunately, Josh will be joining for the weekend and we’ll be able to explore the city. So far spring training, a Suns game and the zoo are the only things on our list. Suggestions?

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