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A neighborhood tour (and maybe a free donut too)

Wicker Park tour (image)
Wicker Park tour (image)
Wicker Park tour (image)
Wicker Park tour (image)
Wicker Park tour (image)
On Sunday, Josh and I headed over to Wicker Park (the actual park in the ‘hood of the same name) for a friendly neighborhood tour with the hope of scoring a few free donuts from Stan’s. Wicker Park is one of my favorite neighborhoods and fortunately for us, we’re right on the border of it. We read about a free tour of the area given by a local history buff and Chicago resident. For free.

Since it was one of the only nice days we’ve had so far, everyone in the world seemed to be itching to get outside. The group was so large that I felt it was only right to snag one donut instead of two. We stuck around for most of the tour before branching off on our own to try The Chop Shop, which for someone who doesn’t eat meat regularly, enjoyed very much. The old homes in Wicker Park are so gorgeous and I had too much fun picking out the ones I’d love to live in.

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A weekend walk

Amid a myriad of errands and work yesterday, I managed to sneak in a walk to Wicker Park with Chick. The weather was finally warm enough to not require a heavy jacket, the sun was shining and I could tell Chick was happy to get outside of her usual one block radius. She even managed to sneak a rogue Cheetoh or two (after trying to steal my donut, of course). Always a scavenger, that one:) If yesterday’s weather was a sign of warmer days ahead, I’m ready.


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Weekend in photos

On Friday, Frasier and Chicklet finally met one another. Chicklet had no idea where we were going while en route, but she was excited nonetheless. When we finally arrived, each pup was just happy to be in their own world. Such a letdown! I think one day they’ll be BFF:)

On Saturday my co-workers and I participated in a NeighborWorks day, spending the morning cleaning up a nearby block, weeding lawns, planting flowers and meeting new people. Manual labor is rough work and I could barely keep my eyes open later on.

Saturday evening I attended the second annual fundraiser for the Gath Foundation, which raises money for Alzheimer’s Disease. And for the second year in a row, we won zero of the raffle prizes. This was a serious bummer.

And on Sunday morning we explored the Wicker Park Farmer’s Market for the first time. While it was barely one fourth the size of the farmer’s market in Madison, it was still nice to see and peruse. Afterward we took Chicklet to the dog park for the very first time. She is definitely not a social butterfly and instead spent the majority of the time stuck to our sides. She would venture out into the open every so often, but the minute any action picked up she scurried back. It was pretty funny.

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