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snow storm

frasier sleepover

first bulls game

2012 flew by so quickly I almost can’t believe tomorrow begins 2013. I turned 25 this year and while I know this is in no way old, I can already feel how much faster time flies as the years pass. This year saw a few lows (getting mugged, saying goodbye to Paige), but many more highs (becoming Volunteer Coordinator for One Tail at a Time and Chicklet, of course). Read more

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Vacation, don’t end

chick at work 1

I don’t have to be back at work until January 2 so I’m enjoying the down time, but when I do head back, I wish this little pal could tag along like she did before the holidays. She was a very good girl hanging out in my cube and much to my surprise I was productive the whole day:)

chick at work 2

chick at work 3


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Holiday season

xmas tree

With Christmas now over and the end of the year looming, it’s sad to think we spend so much time looking forward to the holiday season only to have it come and go so quickly. I’ve spent the past week exploring the Chirstkindlmarket downtown (where I had the best soft pretzel of my life), visiting the Peanuts exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry (which was amazing), reuniting with friends and spending time with family.

charlie brown tree

peanuts gang


snoopy 2


charles 2


xmas bandana

xmas dress

chick and me

sleeping chick

**And today I was made rudely aware of the fact that the holidays are over when my car was towed (although I initially thought it was stolen). Thank goodness Chick was not in the car. And everyone else who lives in Chicago: don’t park your car in the Jewel parking lot at Division and Ashland. Even if you’re shopping at a store in that shopping center, they have spotters patrolling the lot and if they see you take one step off the “property,” they will call it in. I learned this one the hard way.


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Around here

The tree, looking a little more festive.


ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo




Chick just wants to game in peace.

Thanks, Josh for the photos!


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I caved…


…and finally bought a tree! It’s fake (the only kind of tree I have ever known) and while this picture here makes it look rather pitiful, it has since been decorated with gold lights and a few more ornaments. There may even be a present or two underneath. I can’t believe Christmas is only a week away.

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