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Where I’ve been. Part 1

aon view
[I could get used to this view, as seen from the 69th floor of my building.]

aon view 2
[Now that it’s warm out, lunches outside are a must.]

The past two months have flown by. I guess starting a new job will do that to you. My days have been filled with early morning runs and walks with Chick, just in time to jam myself onto a packed El car and ride downtown to work. I swear it feels like we’re all sheep being herded to and fro. But I’m not complaining because I’m into the Loop in 15 minutes, with a 10 minute walk to my building. Things could be worse.

So far I have nothing but good things to share about this new job. And luckily for me, I’m also still doing a bit of freelance work for the old place, which however, does mean less time here on this space. But here are a few snapshots of life lately.

Sun 2

You can’t tell by today’s gray skies and cool temps, but it’s finally starting to get warm, which means Chick has been enjoying some sun.
ride the drive
Warmer temps also mean the start of bike riding season for me, as I am a fair weather friend and only ride when temps allow. Over the weekend I kicked it off with a ride down Lake Shore Drive with my dad.


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Happy fourth

I’m happy to have a day off in the middle of the week and am looking forward to spending the day in the sun. Unfortunately our day had been planned around riding our bikes, complete with a new basket that Chicklet had just gotten used to riding around in. But this morning when we woke up, we discovered that our bikes had been stolen. Even though our bikes were locked up, the lock had been cut and discarded to the side. A hard lesson to learn: even if you lock it up, bikes belong inside. Funnily enough, I feel more upset about losing the basket because it was bought specifically for the purposes of taking Chicklet along on rides; in a way it was her basket and who steals something from a dog? Ah well, Happy Fourth of July!

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