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Best pals

Just because.

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A rude day

But it’s not okay to be rude.

This morning as Chicklet and I were returning home from our morning walk we were so very rudely assaulted when a young assailant stole my phone straight out of my hand. It happened in a matter of seconds: suddenly and without sound there was a man next to us on the sidewalk commenting about Chick, and the next he was in my face grabbing my arm, taking my phone and running off.

There was no time to be scared, it was more thoughts of, “Did that really just happen?” So I scooped Chick up, thankful that no one had taken her, and raced home to try and track the phone and file a police report. Of course there is minimal chance of getting that phone back in such a big city like Chicago, and thankfully I had insurance, but I’m feeling grateful that neither of were hurt and that we are safe.

It certainly blows my mind that someone could be so bold and rude. There are many rude thoughts I wish back on this horrible person, but I can only hope that Karma will get him.

Thanks to everyone’s support on EveryBlock!
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A bike for me

Ever since our bikes were stolen last week, I’ve been thinking about getting a new one. I’d like it to be inexpensive and have been browsing Craigslist and perusing used bike stores across the city. I’ve heard great things about Working Bikes, a nonprofit that repairs old bikes to sell AND sends bikes to places in Africa and South America, where owning a bike could mean the difference between providing for a family or not. Pretty cool, huh? Do you bike? If so, where did you purchase yours?

PS I think it’s safe to say that Chicklet is need of a a new basket too:)

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Happy Trails

This past Saturday I explored one of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods: Little Italy. Although it isn’t like it used to be (see above), this little neighborhood nestled on the Near West Side of the city, is still filled with old-school restaurants (the original Rosebud’s, Francesca’s) and picturesque tree-lined streets. And on Saturday: Frasier and Chicklet too. My dad and I took these two pups on a Happy Trails walk (courtesy of One Tail at a Time) and even though Fraiser pooped out because of the heat and Chicklet needed to be carried most of the way, it was still a fun time.

[top photo courtesy of the Chicago History Museum; second photo courtesy of One Tail at a Time]


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Weekend in photos

Checked out the Printer’s Row Lit Fest for the first time (Chicklet was photographed by a Tribune photographer:), enjoyed some homemade carnitas and took a tour of some brand new businesses in the city. [check out H+ Records and Big Shoulders Coffee!!] Happy end of Monday!

Chicago is the city that showed the world how to work hard, build high and laugh while doing it. And you’re a part of it. Every morning you get up with a renewed determination to make your piece of our great city just a little better. Big Shoulders Coffee was created specifically for hard-working Chicagoans like you: a perfectly roasted, no-nonsense brew delivered fast and hot in our signature one-size fits all cup. No fancy lingo required. [seriously, this coffee is so good]

[top photo via Antonio Perez for the Chicago Tribune]


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