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And we’re off!

Phoenix view (image)
This morning Josh and I are headed out to Phoenix for a wedding. We haven’t traveled in a long time and this wedding is between two close friends so we’re looking forward to making a trip out of it. Even though we were in Phoenix two years ago, we’re excited to see some new sights. See you next week!

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America’s capital

This past weekend I headed to the nation’s capital for the first time. It was a long overdue visit to see my friend from college, Nicole. After arriving Friday evening, we set off to see the sights, try new restaurants and experience D.C. Here are a few photos from my excursions, if you’d like to see:)

Upon arriving, I headed for the Metro and made my way down the yellow line toward U street, where Nicole was staying. While many people told me their train system was awesome, I was not that impressed. D.C. doesn’t operate on a flat fee system and it was more confusing than the CTA to navigate.

On Friday evening, we headed out for dinner and then went to the top of the W Hotel to see the skyline at night.

On Saturday, after visiting the Holocaust Museum (which was amazing and heartbreaking), we toured the mall and all of the national monuments.

The World War II memorial was one of my favorites and the Rainbow Pool was refreshing and cool on such a humid day.

Abraham Lincoln memorial. Pretty classic.

The Korean War memorial was my favorite. It felt eerie and spooky, in an honorable way.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial is relatively new and I loved it. It was modern, but still touching.

Many of MLK’s famous quotes surrounded his statue. This one was my favorite.

I didn’t know D.C. had a Chinatown, and while it certainly isn’t like those of Chicago, San Francisco or New York City, it was still fun to see.

And on Sunday it was fun to meet up with friends from Madison, including Amber, who is also spending her summer in D.C.

While it was fun to visit, I was happy to come home to Chicago, and little Chick!

[top photo via; some photos via Nicole; all other by me]

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Washington D.C.

I’m headed to Washington D.C. this afternoon to visit Nicole, one of my best friends from college. It’s the first time since we’ve adopted Chicklet that I’ll be spending the night without her. She’s headed over to my mom’s house this morning since Josh will also be out of town. I’m so worried she’ll think that we’re abandoning her, but I know she’ll be well taken care of. And I can’t wait to see her wiggle and worm and sprint toward me when we reunite on Monday :)

[photos via]

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A bike for me

Ever since our bikes were stolen last week, I’ve been thinking about getting a new one. I’d like it to be inexpensive and have been browsing Craigslist and perusing used bike stores across the city. I’ve heard great things about Working Bikes, a nonprofit that repairs old bikes to sell AND sends bikes to places in Africa and South America, where owning a bike could mean the difference between providing for a family or not. Pretty cool, huh? Do you bike? If so, where did you purchase yours?

PS I think it’s safe to say that Chicklet is need of a a new basket too:)

[photos via]

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Weekend in photos

[Gorgeous water that’s awfully clean compared to Lake Michigan.]

Friday after work we trekked up to Lake Mills, Wis., about 40 minutes west of Milwaukee. Chick came along for the weekend, which was spent swimming in the lake, basking in the sun and taking Chick along for moped rides.

[I barely jumped, let alone dove.]

[Despite what this picture shows, the water was quite warm.]

[I was obsessed with this house. It was gorgeous and literally right on the water. With its own private pier.]

[Chick loved the sun, but the dried grass was too prickly so she spent the afternoon on the warm stone.]

[I was against this idea at first, but Chick was so content she was practically snoozing.]

[A friendly pup, that was about 10x bigger than Chick.]


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