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Holiday cards

I may or may not have sent this little gem out in the mail to my closest friends and family earlier this week. Thanks, Chick, for looking so happy to be there!

(Original photo c/o Kelly Johnson Photography)


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Last week I wrote about how my phone was stolen while out walking Chick, and how grateful I was that it was just a phone that was taken and not Chick herself. And then today I read about how pet theft is on the rise, and I felt even more grateful. How someone could steal someone else’s pet is beyond me, but according to the ASPCA, it happens all the time. Read more


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Caught off guard

I snapped this photo the other day and caught them both by surprise. Makes me laugh every time I look at it. For such a small pup, Chick sure is big time funny.

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Restoring the faith

These 21 photos that will restore your faith in humanity have been circulating the web for the past few days, but I only just got around to looking at them yesterday. I was especially touched by the photos of a woman whose dog was swept into the bay in Australia. A complete stranger who saw the scene unfold jumped right in to save the pup. What a moment.

[photos via. you can see the rest of the photos here]


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Weekend in photos

The weekend started off like this. Almost three hours to get home. No joke.

But it made for some serious fun at Northerly Island’s Polar Adventure Days.

These pups were super friendly.

But I seriously could barely get in there. People hogging all over and not sharing=not cool.

This pup, though, is my fave!

Lookin’ pretty fine.

photos courtesy of Josh


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