And the search continues

As a recent college grad (well, at least for one who didn’t major in business or hasn’t decided to go on to grad school), the working world tends to arrive a little slower.

For the most part, my days as of late have been consumed with job searching, job searching and more job searching. My only reprieve has been working as a Pet Care Specialist for The Pet Squad and becoming slowly obsessed with Parenthood and Modern Family (the two best TV shows out there right now), and reacquainting myself with The Sopranos (one of the best TV series of all time).

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, yesterday Madison saw a blizzard like no other one I’ve seen in my mere 23 years. This allowed a slight reprieve and gave me an excuse to eat not-so-authentic but super yummy wanna-be Chinese food, watch five straight episodes of The Sopranos and not feel guilty about it.

The entire city, southern half of Wisconsin, plus all of Chicago was incapacitated for the day as government officials worked feverishly (well in Chicago, maybe) to get the roads up and running again.

Check out all the snow:

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