Respecting the culture

It seems that too often Americans earn themselves a bad reputation when traveling abroad. Loud, obnoxious, rude–not the kindest words. So in an attempt to fit in more with the Italian culture next week, I’ve spent the last few days taking Italian lessons via an audio CD whenever I’m in the car.

The end result? I’m leaving tomorrow and I only really know how to say “I only understand a little Italian,” “I’m an American,” and “Do you understand English?” But it has reminded me how much fun it is to learn a new language. Ciao for now!

If you’re interested in learning a new language, be sure to check out your local library for language lessons on CD. I used the Short Course in Italian from the Pimsleur Language Program.


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3 responses to “Respecting the culture

  1. Rachel Kern

    Dove la fermatta means where is the bus stop hahaha. That is what I learned from my survival italian class

    peche is fish
    coniglio is rabbit…. they serve that in italy. i ate it before i know what it was.


  2. Ahaha sick nasty. I am not eating coniglio. Ick.

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