A friend for Frasier

Yesterday afternoon as I was pulling out of the parking lot at work, I spotted two tiny gray pit bull puppies, and couldn’t help myself from ogling their tiny, wiggling bodies bounding down the sidewalk. When I decided to roll down my window and admire them some more, which in retrospect could have been slightly dangerous given the decidedly thug-ish men who seemed to be the puppies’ owners (sorry I’m not sorry for stereotyping), I couldn’t help but think they would make the perfect friends for Frasier.

And then one of the owners offered the pups to me for $100 a piece.

For a split second I considered it, knowing that the aforementioned thug-like men were probably going to sell the little pooches anyways, effectively making them doggie slaves in the evil world of dog fighting. Again, sorry I’m not sorry for stereotyping; it’s your fault, Michael Vick. Either way, I hope the little guys end up in a good home.

[image courtesy of getty images]

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  1. Bob Gath

    Sad but true

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