Summer sights

When you think of summer, what do you see? Backyard barbeques, pools, beaches and lakes, warm nights outside, a pooch lying in the grass (or sand), popcorn kernels being thrown at your face while you get eaten alive by mosquitoes (true story–thank you, Rachel)?

Well, I think of all those things. Plus, a few more. The cheesehead state of Wisconsin may royally suck in the winter, but it sure does have its moments in the summertime.

Only in Wisconsin can you find a delicious hot dog stand on the side of the road where the owner works as a principal full time and sells hot dogs just for fun. Only $4 for a Chicago dog, chips and a pop. Yum!

Only in Wisconsin can you ride a moped through the streets and not be run over by the other cars.

Did you know the Milwaukee Riverwalk spans nearly three miles? I didn't (And I bet you didn't either).

Lookin' pretty good, Milwaukee.


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2 responses to “Summer sights

  1. Josh

    Damn, those mopeds look fast.

  2. Kelly

    My favorite part is josh’s peace-signed hands… :)

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