Weekend in photos

Not having to work on Columbus Day wasn’t something I expected when I started working, but I’m not complaining. So thanks to my much appreciated three-day weekend, I was able to enjoy three days of pet sitting back in Madison (who would have ever thought I’d miss that place?).

I’ve always considered myself a “big dog” kind of person, and after this weekend I think that’s probably still true (shout out to Frasier), but these four wonderful little pups were more than cute, and followed me around everywhere I went: the true mark of a loyal pooch.

Doris trying to sneak my sandwich.

Izzy enjoying life in the park.

Percy, half dog/half stuffed animal.

Rufus sunning himself.

And a few more:


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4 responses to “Weekend in photos

  1. you looked after all these at the same time?

  2. Lori

    Awww, what a bunch of cuties (you and Josh, too)!!!

  3. Dad

    Love it but I wont show Frazier the pictures he would be jealous

  4. Yah all four at the same time – it was like a little jungle!

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