Hey, Paige

A while back I considered fostering a pup through PAWS, but then felt that it wasn’t right for me or Josh. Fast forward to Sunday when I volunteered and fell for Andres. On Monday he was up for a foster home, so I inquired but he already had a home set in place. But then staff asked if I was interested in Paige, a three-year old shepherd mix whose owner relinquished her because he didn’t have time for her anymore. I went for it and then panicked and wondered what I got myself into. She’s wonderfully calm and sweet now that she’s in our apartment, but I can’t help but worry how she’ll fare while we are away at work. Here’s hoping that after a week of early morning and late night events, tomorrow will be a short day. Isn’t she pretty?

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  1. Dan

    She’s beautiful. Congratulations!

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