Howling soccer balls

The country of Ukraine (along with Poland) will be hosting the European soccer championship games in June, and naturally, government officials want to make sure the public sees only the best the country has to offer. Their solution? Order a campaign to rid the streets of stray cats and dogs by killing them, usually through poison or lethal injection. So one person decided to do something about it. Christian Baur, a graduate of the Miami Ad School in Hamburg, began a new campaign. He placed a soccer ball on the street in Hamburg. As people passed by and kicked it, the ball made a howling dog noise. As people picked the ball up to see what it was all about, they were greeted with this message: “Stop killing dogs for Euro 2012. Thousands of dogs and cats get killed, burned or poisoned because of the Euro 2012. Please help us to stop this massacre.” The soccer ball also carries a phone number for monetary donations. Ukraine, you have a lot of work to do.

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