Bedhogging pooch

For as long as I can remember (excluding the college years), there has been a pooch hogging the bed with me at night. Even when I take care of Ginger now, she won’t go to bed until I’m ready and she’s resting next to me. And Frasier, in all of his moose-like qualities, hogs the bed regardless of how much room you have, until he’s good and comfy. And now, Chicklet, all seven pounds of her, follows me into the bedroom, waits to be put on the bed and then climbs onto the pillow until she’s snuggled in for the night. No matter how much room they take up, it doesn’t bother me one bit. Do others sleep with their pups at night? I’d love to know.

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6 responses to “Bedhogging pooch

  1. During the night one of my dogs sleeps under the bed and the other one beside it. But, once my hubby gets out of bed in the morning they both like to jump up for a snuggle with me.

  2. Beautiful pictures:) My girl, Alex, hops in bed with me once in a while when she knows I am awake and too lazy to get up:)

  3. So cute! Snuggling with pups is the best :)

  4. Hehehe, she sounds like a precious pup!!

  5. Yes, she is amazing. She is the only being that can get me out of a really bad mood in seconds:)

  6. They sure have that gift!

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