Bath time

There’s nothing better than a clean pup, and since Chicklet’s wretched cone of shame finally came off yesterday, her first outing was to the Logan Square Soggy Paws (one of the best do it yourself doggie washes I’ve been to). Since Chick is so small we get a discount and she’s easy to hold down while the other washes (not such the case with Frasier:). We were in and out in less than a half hour, complete with strawberry lemonade cologne for Chick, all for just $10; just in time for Take your Dog to Work Day!


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3 responses to “Bath time

  1. Lori

    Hey that last picture of you is great but where’s Chicklet???

  2. Oh I wish it was as easy to bathe my pups! Chicklet looks great, is she going to work with you today?

  3. Yes, she is! For Take your Dog to Work Day. It was so fun! She acted like quite the little lady.

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