New find: dog totes

I am nothing if not a bag lady. I’m constantly carrying around a bag much bigger than I need. Finding the right everyday carryall can be tough, but there’s something undeniably chic about carrying around this simple canvas tote with a custom silhouette of your favorite pup. These Le Papier Studio totes are 100% cotton, washable and you can either choose a silhouette from their illustration set or create your own custom one from a photo. And at $30, they’re actually affordable:)

Note: this is not a sponsored post. I just think these are cute!


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5 responses to “New find: dog totes

  1. I think Boomer and Dottie need to make a tote appearance :)

  2. As a fellow dog nerd these are an awesome find for me. Also love that you can customize with your own pooches picture!

  3. I know! I thought that was the best party too.

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