Black and white Fridays

Last week I introduced the first black and white photo in my new series. I’ve had so much fun scouring the Internet looking for such vintage photos and I hope you’re just as excited to take a peek:) Happy Friday!

(Image via)


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8 responses to “Black and white Fridays

  1. Dan Gath

    Hi Caiti,

    I thought you might enjoy these pictures of your great – great grandmother (grandma Gath’s grandmother). Her name was Margaret Goad Beavers. Her father, Joshua Goad, fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War, but her husband, Henry Beavers, was from Pennsylvania and fought on the side of the Union.



  2. Black and white photographs are so much more evocative.
    Capture the nostalgia of times gone by.
    This is a beautiful photograph.

  3. I know it’s only the second one you’ve posted but it’s my favorite so far!

  4. I know! Love that about this photo.

  5. I couldn’t agree more!

  6. Did you post them here to the comments? I don’t see them…

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