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Black and white Fridays

Boy with his dog (image)
I’m a sucker for old photos that feature a pup or two in them. It’s so fun to see how life has changed over the years, but a pup always seems to stay the same.

This photo is from Life Magazine’s Classic Comics Collection in the 1940s and ’50s. A young boy stops to read his favorite comic while out on a stroll with his dog.

(Image via Life Magazine)

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A tiny houseguest

A few days ago Josh, Chick and I welcomed a tiny houseguest into our apartment. Her name is Millie and she is a sweet rescue pup from the city shelter. She is an OTAT pup (of course) that we are fostering and so far she and Chick are getting quite good at tolerating one another:)


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Best pals

Just because.

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Chick rides the CTA

Chick on the CTA (image)
Over the past week or so, Chick has been an avid user of the CTA, riding along on the El train like she’s been doing it for years. Continue reading


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Chick says get to work!

Chick sitting at the desk (image)
Chick at the desk (image)
I often think about how much fun it would be to take Chick to work with me. When I work from home, she mostly just snoozes on the couch all day (alternating between the pillows there and the blankets in her bed). For the most part she only occasionally wanders into the den to visit me. How much fun would it be to just look under your desk and see a Chick snoozin’ away?

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