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Weekend in photos

[Gorgeous water that’s awfully clean compared to Lake Michigan.]

Friday after work we trekked up to Lake Mills, Wis., about 40 minutes west of Milwaukee. Chick came along for the weekend, which was spent swimming in the lake, basking in the sun and taking Chick along for moped rides.

[I barely jumped, let alone dove.]

[Despite what this picture shows, the water was quite warm.]

[I was obsessed with this house. It was gorgeous and literally right on the water. With its own private pier.]

[Chick loved the sun, but the dried grass was too prickly so she spent the afternoon on the warm stone.]

[I was against this idea at first, but Chick was so content she was practically snoozing.]

[A friendly pup, that was about 10x bigger than Chick.]


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