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Four years later

Olade Oguntayo before (image)
Olade Oguntayo after (image)
It’s kind of hard to believe that come this fall, I will have graduated college four years ago. Part of me feels like it only just happened yesterday: I was spending my morning in class, and my afternoons and weekends walking dogs.

Last week I read this article in The New York Times that highlighted college kids during their first week in school, and then followed up with them two semesters later.

It’s cheesy to say of course, but college can be such a transformative time in your life. You’re learning how to be on your own and you’re making your own decisions for the first time. It was fun reading that others feel the same way.

(Photos by Chad Batka for The New York Times. Originally seen on Cup of Jo)

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A Saturday quote

Some lovely words to live by.

(Quote by Amy Poehler, originally from Modern Hepburn)

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Sad Badger

Basketball game (image)
Saturday night sure was heartbreaking for Wisconsin fans. I don’t always get into sports, but watching the men’s basketball team work so hard the entire game only to lose in the last few seconds was pretty brutal. I think someone else may taken the loss a bit harder:)


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Final Four

Yesterday night the Badgers played Arizona, and guess what? They won! Which means they’re on to the Final Four and I’m in for watching more basketball. Because March Madness just never ends. But I must admit, the game was exciting, the Badgers played hard and it was fun to watch. Not to mention this sweet story about Bo Ryan, the Badger coach, and his dad. Chick may have grumbled a bit with all the yelling Josh did, but it wasn’t anything a treat or two couldn’t fix:)


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Because it’s Monday

Nothing like a few grainy iPhone photos to start your Monday.

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A savored day

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working from home, which meant I was able to indulge a bit while I did my work. So while the weather was the coldest it’s been in two years and little Chick could barely stand a walk around the block, I took a drive over to Star Lounge Coffee Bar.

This place crossed my path because I had read that dogs were welcome (pups in a coffee house? yes please!), but alas, it’s only in the summertime and out back on the patio. It was no Dunkin and they asked her to leave nicely when a fellow patron who also thought dogs were welcome brought her black lab along. Dog friendly coffee shops, anyone?

(Image from Eating forever)

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One headlight.


While I haven’t been living in the city for very long, I somehow forgot how dark the suburbs are once the sun goes down. There are no streetlights, no bright billboards, it’s just plain old dark. So dark that I need an actual headlight to walk the dogs in the morning and at night. I don’t even care that I got a few random looks. How do people out here walk their pups otherwise?! And why did I not remember this?


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