The right pedigree

Without sounding like a broken record or a public service announcement, it can’t be said enough: there are millions of dogs that wind up in a shelter somewhere across the country every single year. And not all of them survive.

Fortunately, there are many organizations who work every day to make sure they do survive. They give adequate care to animals in need, while working to find them a forever home. One such organization is the Pedigree Foundation.

The Pedigree Foundation aims to provide grants to shelters and animal rescue groups across the United States while encouraging dog adoption at the same time. The foundation can help you find volunteer opportunities and dogs available for adoption near you. If you’re not in the position to care for an animal, that’s okay too because all donations directly benefit rescue organizations across the United States, are tax-deductible and are accepted all year long.

Be sure to check out the foundation’s video on their homepage, voiced by David Duchovny. I dare you to watch without tearing up.

How could you resist a face like this (although, sorry, he’s already taken)?
Adopt, volunteer or donate.

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