My furry little valentine

I promise that my daily posts will not become the sole outlet for me to wax poetic about how much I love my dog or how I think everyone on the planet should donate their time and money to a worthy animal cause, but after yesterday’s post about the Pedigree Foundation, I have more to say.

The ASPCA is currently hosting its 2011 My Furry Valentine Photo Contest. With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, I couldn’t help but enter my pooch, Frasier into the contest.

To enter: remember the moment you realized you and your furry (or finned or feathered) companion were meant to be together forever. Oh, and attach a prize-winning photo of your best friend too. Cute, no?! Puppy love at its finest.

Although I could have written pages about what a good (and at times, very strange) dog Frasier is, here’s my entry and the corresponding photo I sent in:

The moment Frasier’s wolfish blue eyes locked with mine nearly 12 years ago, I knew I had made a friend for life. It is when I left for college four years earlier, however, that I knew my innocent puppy had truly become a treasured member of the family. Each and every time I came home, Frasier acted like I had never left. His love for me never wavered. When I see him sitting at the front door waiting especially for me, and our eyes lock once again, I know he is mine forever.

If you’re interested in entering your own pet, click here for contest rules.


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2 responses to “My furry little valentine

  1. David Crew

    cute dog, reminds me of my old pup!

    Also, you’re blog is pro, keep it up!

  2. Thanks, please keep reading!

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