Five things I love about Valentine’s Day

I claim there ain’t
Another Saint
As great as Valentine.
-Ogden Nash

Some say Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a manufactured holiday. Did you know that this holiday alone will rack up close to $20 billion in sales? And they say we’re in a recession. Pssh.

But I say Valentine’s Day is all about the simple things. Here are five things I’m loving about today’s holiday:

1. Sweet treats that don’t even require any work – simply remove from box, place on cookie sheet, bake and enjoy!

2. My new Snoopy-themed lunch bag from my mom – perfect for sticking said cookies in!

3. A Charlie Brown Valentine – why stop with the lunch bag alone? Unlucky for me, I think I missed this year’s showing.

4. This book from Josh that I’ve been wanting for weeks – I can’t resist a good dog book, children’s version or not.

5. Getting valentines in the mail – who doesn’t love getting something in the mail?


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2 responses to “Five things I love about Valentine’s Day

  1. Erin Banco

    I made some of those cookies today too! I LOVE cut and bake!

  2. seriously the easiest ever!

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