Bananarama wafer pudding

One of my favorite places to get recipes is from Hungry Girl, a free daily e-mail subscription service about healthy eating run by Lisa Lillien. Most of her recipes are super simple, and I love recipes that are easy to do and don’t take up a lot of time. This delicious banana pudding recipe is no exception. I made it on Monday and it was completely gone by Tuesday night.

To make, you will need:
2 cups cold skim milk
24 reduced fat Nilla wafers
2 medium-sized bananas, sliced
1 small pkg. (1 oz.) JELL-O sugar-free, fat-free instant vanilla pudding mix
Whipped cream to top (optional)

Combine pudding mix and milk in a bowl, beat together for two minutes or until well blended, and then set aside. In a glass bowl or casserole dish, arrange a layer of wafers and a layer of banana slices. Alternate wafers and banana slices until they are gone. Top with pudding, letting it seep into the wafer and banana layers. Refrigerate for two to three hours. Once it’s ready to serve, add whipped cream on top if desired.

See the full recipe here.

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