I cannot love a cheesehead pharaoh

Living in Wisconsin when you’re from Illinois usually gets you a lot of grief. While I’m not sure I could ever call Wisconsin home, there are many things about this state that I’ve grown to love. I even loved receiving my first bobblehead at the Milwaukee Bucks game I attended on Saturday. And that’s saying a lot for a non-sports fan who had to endure a halftime tribute to the Green Bay Packers.

There is, however, one thing that I cannot love about this state: the newly elected Republican governor Scott Walker. Last week Walker proposed taking away most collective bargaining rights of public employees, without ever bothering to actually negotiate with any public-sector unions.

As a result, thousands from across the state swarmed the Capitol yesterday, urging Walker to kill the bill. Further still, all Madison public schools are closed today due to a district-wide teacher sickout.

Mark Kauzlarich/The Daily Cardinal

Here’s a great piece on how the proposed bill would affect at least one teacher in Wisconsin.

Even the Madison school board urged Walker to reconsider and one columnist from the Washington Post compared Walker to the former Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak, by calling him the ‘cheesehead pharaoh.’

So I guess the question is, what will make everyone happy?


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4 responses to “I cannot love a cheesehead pharaoh

  1. Josh

    Two bobbleheads in the same pic?

  2. bob

    I hope you read the article i sent you regarding Walkers plans. And why no comment about the 14 state senators that are hiding out in Illinois are pathetic excuses as representatives and leaders of the sate.

  3. bob

    Where was the bobblehead I didn’t see it?

  4. I wrote this before the state senators left the state!

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