Comfort at its finest

Every now and then, everyone enjoys a little helping of comfort food. For me, that moment came last night when the thought of macaroni and cheese became a craving I couldn’t ignore. Although it wasn’t homemade or anything special, my box of Kraft mac and cheese did the trick.

I swiped the box from my dad’s pantry and I’m inclined to believe it probably wasn’t his, which means I technically swiped from those who shall remain nameless (insert sordid family drama here), but I feel okay about it; it was only one box.

One day, maybe my sophistication will evolve (and my budget too) and this Rachel Ray recipe of spinach and artichoke mac and cheese I found in my new cookbook will become my go-to comfort food. Or maybe this three cheese ziti and smoked chicken casserole from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. The possibilities are endless.

I somehow refrained from eating the entire box:


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2 responses to “Comfort at its finest

  1. Josh

    Leftovers for lunch?

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