Life’s necessities

Anyone can go on and on about how all you need in life is a caring family, friends for life and a lovable pooch. And that may well be true, but let’s be real here. What do you really need in life? A decent Internet connection, which I did not have for the greater part of my morning.

I am sorry, but the daily functions of life–life’s necessities if you will–include the ability to easily check your e-mail without having to walk to the Panera down the street (purchase of delicious Asiago cheese bagel notwithstanding), get your news for the day and get on with it.

I suppose no one likes to listen to an endless rant, so suffice it to say, I had my Internet up and running several hours later and all was once again right with the world. I will give Charter this, though–they actually respond to your tweets. Plus one for them.

The cure for a bad case of being crabby? Reading comics!! Here are three of my favorites:

Peanuts — Snoopy is awesome. Enough said.

Love Is… — the best thing to hit the comics page since the Peanuts gang. For a daily helping of Love Is… click here.

Funky Winkerbean — the name alone says it all.

[All images via fanpop, weblogtoolscollection & tech it easy]


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3 responses to “Life’s necessities

  1. Seebs

    One of the tiny things in your post that is really awesome, is twitter for customer service! I’ve had several companies respond to my complaints on twitter. Every company should use this marketing technique. Its easy and has big rewards!

  2. Gahh, I totally agree! So simple.

  3. Bob Gath

    Life is so harsh and cruel at times spending the morning at Panera, we had to spend our mornings in Dunkin Donuts

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