On my mind…

If you own a cat, you must learn to pick up the litter. Pretty basic.
When will the weather be warm enough to take late night walks with Frasier? This whole 40 degree thing has got to go.
I hate it when your hands feel so sticky even though you just washed them.
Sometimes I feel very OCD when it comes to cleaning. I just vacuumed and mopped, but I feel like I need to do MORE.
How many carbs in one day is too much?
Two bagels, one peanut butter sandwich and a few bites of pound cake … too much?
So bummed when you think you found a great deal, but then discover that $22 is one way, not round trip.
$44 is not a lot, but still.
If gas weren’t so expensive, this would not be an issue.
$4.19? Seriously? Seriously? Insane.
You know you’re annoying when Frasier avoids you like the plague. TAKE.A.HINT.
Craving an Easter Reese’s egg. SO.GOOD.
Stop coddling the cats. They don’t like it.
Wishing this book was as good as The Help. It’s just weird.
Looking forward to a day off and catching up on some reading, maybe seeing Water for Elephants.
Saying a prayer for those who are still out of work and/or laid off. WE.NEED.JOBS.
Wishing good luck to this girl. HELP.DONATE.

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  1. Lori

    No more than 60 carbs per day if you are trying to lose weight. Sorry to say but you probably had more than 150 carbs yesterday !! Fortunately, you are young, active and at a healthy weight right now. Bagels are EXTREMELY high in carbs — at least 55-60 each.

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