Homemade vs. store-bought

I’m sure most people would say homemade is better than store-bought when it comes to just about anything, and for the most part I wholeheartedly agree.

Case in point: this past weekend I picked up some refrigerated cookie dough to make my own Easter treats. I settled on Pillsbury peanut butter cookies and some Nestle Toll House mini brownie bites. While they definitely tasted good and satisfied my desire to bake a little something sweet, I was much more satisfied with the homemade banana cream pie/pudding treat my mom made.

Minus the cool whip on top.

Besides homemade food, I also came across a few homemade items from my childhood, all made by my grandma. She was insanely good at sewing, and in addition to clothes and little children’s books she sewed together out of cloth, she also made me dolls. As a devoted and adoring fan of all things American Girl, these two little dolls just tug at my heart. Homemade wins every time.


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3 responses to “Homemade vs. store-bought

  1. Kelly

    I remember those dolls….they were so wonderful!

  2. Anna

    Caitlin…I love this blog. I have been reading all your previous post and I just love them! It’s nice to hear about you and how you’re doing. Hopefully see you soon.

  3. Thanks, Anna! How is Montana??

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