Sweet and simple

With yesterday being Mother’s Day, my mom and I decided to take my grandma out to lunch. Since she lives in a nursing home and doesn’t get out all that often, she was thrilled at the prospect of heading out for the day. The nice weather that FINALLY decided to grace the Chicagoland area was near perfect and it made for a lovely day.

While our outing was originally supposed to be a “just girls” event, my grandpa decided to join us last minute (aka, we forgot he always visits on Sundays … woops). Either way, while my mom drove and I pointed out where we were, my grandparents sat sweetly in the backseat, holding hands. Since my mom and I basically celebrated Mother’s Day for just the two of us on Saturday (manicures/pedicures/shopping/gift-giving/Grey’s Anatomy=bliss), this day was all about my gram.

Gift to Mom.

And she ate it up. Literally. After gifts and flowers, we headed out for Mexican, where she promptly became a member of the CPC — Clean Plate Club — as she wolfed down her tacos, rice and beans. The only downside to the meal: listening to my grandpa show off to the waitress by speaking only in Spanish (thus making me remember, why for the love of all that is good, did he and my grandma decide to NOT teach the rest of this powerful language?) and his incessant persistence that eating cow tongue and brain tacos is actually good.

They're actually smiling.

Once back at the nursing home, the three of us left my gram in a decidedly content state, which is always a good thing. Thank goodness for moms.

Blast from the past.

[top image via flickr]


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2 responses to “Sweet and simple

  1. bob

    omg that was from southwood jr high christmas i remember the girls

  2. Kelly

    Such a sweet picture of you and the grandparents – so glad they had a wonderful time!

    and I wonder the same thing every time I hear my grandparents rattle something off in another language….WHY didn’t they teach us?!?!?

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