A cool sip

With the intense heat wave enveloping the Chicagoland area for the past few days, driving around town has not been so fun thanks to the non-functioning AC in the Jeep. Fortunately that should all change tomorrow thanks to the good (expensive) folks at Quality Tire and Auto.

All this heat, however, makes for some seriously delicious and refreshing drinks. Forget cold water or an icy fountain drink (which are all delicious in their own right), but it’s the fun drinks (which sadly cost $7+) that are the most fun.

My new favorite: Basil raspberry lemonade from Another Round Bar and Grill in downtown Downers Grove. When my cousin and I were forced to head into the suburban mainstream due to two sold out movies, we were pleasantly surprised with our cool drinks, filling veggie platter and highly amusing waitress.

Basil raspberry lemonade


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3 responses to “A cool sip

  1. Kelly

    Your “new fav”? I thought it was too sweet?!?! But yes…the waitress was amusing…. :)

  2. Bob Gath

    Yes expensive is true but remember you pay for what you get

  3. Lori

    I’m just glad you’re back writing!! Enjoy reading you every day — keep it going!

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